Running the Numbers: Week 3

April 16-22: Week 3 goodies

Mileage: 20 logged miles this week with a 30 and 35min running session and a 6mile long run - no walk breaks on that. Still practicing some nasal breathing on the shorter runs but find it harder to do on the long run with conversation.

Movement Practices: Yoga therapy practice following almost all of the walking and running sessions for at least 20-30mins. 

Diet: Less smoothies, more salads though. As the temp is going up, I need to up my hydration, felt thirsty a lot this week. Also forgot to include the daily multi-vitamin and extra Vitamin D I'm taking per my doctor's advice. And ate GF carrot cake from Easter everyday. Yum! 

Sleep: A few too many days with 6 hour nights. I can feel the difference in my energy levels and my recovery, even though my mileage and training load are still low.  

Resting Heart Rate: Seems to have leveled out at 60bpm for now.