Running the Numbers: Weeks 1 & 2

The nitty gritty. This post will be a double feature with two week's worth of data in it. It won't hurt my feelings if you choose not to read through it all. I'm not even really sure yet how I want these status updates to look or how much detail I want in them, so most likely, I'll be shifting it up as I go along. I'm open to suggestions or feedback as well. 

Apr 2-8: Week 1

Mileage: 10miles recorded - just getting back to some easy running, couple of 20min running sessions

Not very accurate this week, I couldn't decide whether to include walking so didn't log dedicated walking sessions. I feel like time on the feet is time on the feet, however, so this will be part of the weekly mileage moving forward. 

Movement Practices: I have a fairly consistent daily yoga practice as part of my morning routine. I had a session with my own yoga therapist this week (kind of like how a lawyer shouldn't represent themselves in court, an objective perspective on movement can be welcome) and our focus is on supporting my body through the upcoming training load.

Diet: Got some green smoothies in, maintained my DF and GF lifestyle in spite of weekend travel for my daughter's volleyball tournament. Exercised my love of things wrapped in lettuce like burgers and fish tacos.

Sleep: Averaging right around 8 hours, no naps this week. Using my watch to record sleep isn't exact but close enough to see patterns over time. 

Resting Heart Rate: 57bpm

What's interesting about this number is that my average for the last 12 months has been 54bpm. An increase can be due many factors like stress, illness, training load, etc. so it might be that even the planning and small increase in training has created a load or it could be a fluke. Worth keeping an eye on. Again measured with my watch which has wrist based HR monitoring. Not 100% accurate but enough for my purposes. 

April 9-15: Week 2

Mileage: 17.2 miles recorded, with walking sessions this time, a 25 and a 30min running session plus a Saturday long run of almost 5 miles (walking included in that one), Rest Day on Wednesday

Movement Practices: No practice on Wednesday or Saturday (I would normally practice after a long run but was out of town with teenagers who needed breakfast before they turned into savages ;). Other days of practice consisted of my YT program and other stuff I like to do like balance poses and planks. 

Diet: Regular breakfasts, tea, more green smoothies, highlight was GF French Toast with real maple syrup post-run on Saturday. Love. 

Sleep: Averaging about 8.5 hours, again no naps this week. I love naps though and plan to use them frequently in the future. I also think my watch is recording my reading before bed as sleeping. I know I had a couple later nights that should have knocked that number down. 

Resting Heart Rate: 60bpm - another increase, keeping an eye on it