50 Miles or Bust

A beginning. Or more accurately, a restart. Nothing impressive or really unique about it. 

After almost 2 months off of running, enjoying long walks and getting better consistency in my yoga/movement practice, I got back on the treadmill for some short, slow runs (emphasis on slow for me). My body could tell I hadn’t been running in a while - the impact was felt up my legs and my usual springiness was missing. I was sucking wind and counting the minutes down. Fortunately, I’ve been here several times before in my 20+ years of running so I can (sort of) laugh and ride it out. 

Running a 50 mile event has been a bucket list goal ever since I ran my first marathon almost 15 years ago. Originally I planned to finish it the year I turned 50 but after 7 full marathons and over 40 half marathons, my interest in running and running events has been waning the last couple years. Honestly, I would rather enjoy long walks and spend time on other pursuits. If my very best friends weren’t also exceptional runners, I’m sure I would have become a “maintenance” fitness runner a while ago. So it’s a testament to their wit, wisdom and warm friendship that I’ve kept on tying up my shoes and heading out.  

With early running retirement just out of reach at this point, it’s been gnawing at me a little bit (ok, a lot) that I might not check that box off. That I won’t know the feeling of accomplishment after crossing 50 miles on my own two feet. So I’ve moved up the timeframe a decade and as long as my mind and body are willing and able, I plan to check that box off next spring in advance of yet another anniversary of turning 29. ;)

As a yoga therapist and running coach, I don’t want to crawl across the finish line, duct-taped together, just grateful to be there. I want to use all the tools at my disposal to help me get there with as much ease, joy and self discovery I can muster. I can pretty much guarantee I won’t enjoy every minute of training but I’d like to have satisfaction in the journey as much as the event itself. 

I’ll be focusing on consistency in 4 main areas as I prepare:

  1. Mileage buildup - one foot in front of the other, a training plan
  2. Movement and recovery practices - mainly yoga and yoga therapy
  3. Diet - green smoothies anyone?
  4. Sleep - really should be in the #1 spot, it’s that important

So the purpose of this blog then is to chronicle the process, the ups and downs, what works and what doesn’t. A little public accountability never hurts either. 

As I share my progress and pitfalls, I welcome your thoughts or questions and offer my thanks for joining me on this adventure. 

 ~ Rose